Whether you want to meet all your deadlines on time, always have an overview of your work or want to put an end to procrastination, Finido is your solution. 


Live the moment.

Finido gives you peace of mind by showing you per day what you have to do to always be on schedule. Don't waste any time planning tasks over your busy schedule or  worrying about deadlines. 



Do the right thing.

Finido will help you to focus on what really matters. Using deadlines, importance and duration of tasks, Finido automatically selects the best tasks and sorts them for you. So you always know that you are working on the right task, at the right moment.



Easy and simple.

With Finido, there is only one moment you need to worry about a task and that’s when you enter it. We believe that too many options is not the answer to a lack of productivity.  That's why Finido is very easy to use and you can start right away.

Relax and live the moment. 


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